Update your child’s programming!


It is the 21st century and the way we were raised has become outdated. Fifty years ago, our lives were different, leadership was different, system, and society were different. Why do we want to raise our children according to the old systems, old methods, and old values?

According to Isaak Pintosevich when we buy a computer, we do not want to program our computer with old programs, instead we want our new computer to have updated programs. It goes without saying that the computer is the same but the software programs are up to date. Likewise, raising our children today should be different according to the new findings in research.

This is what I try to apply while raising my children. In addition, I include some things taken from the Laws of the Universe to help my children think positive to bring positivity to their lives. For example, many children believe in fairy tales and superheroes. So, I tell my children they are wizards to create their own lives by themselves. I ask them to say every morning when they wake up “I allow to happen three miracles with me,” and “I cancel all obstacles on the way of these three miracles happening .” Before going to bed, I also ask them to thank the Universe and God for everything good that happened to them and repeat to themselves their three wishes that they want to happen. Wishes can be the same or can be different each night, children decide themselves.

As a mother, once in a while, I ask them what good things happen to them so as children could focus only on positive events and feel happy about them. I believe, we, as parents have power to program our children to be happy and lucky from childhood and onward.



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